The Bathroom is one of the most utilitarian rooms of the home. Due to its size and utility, a Bathroom has a higher likelihood of damage due to water and mold. So, while selecting Bathroom materials one must make sure to spot its performance and durability. Besides being a utility room, it should also provide a peaceful sanctity and relaxation. Great Bathroom designs find a balance between practical and beautiful.


An efficiently designed Bathroom has a “wet wall” that has a tub, a vanity/sink and a toilet lined up against one wall. Depending on the available space, you can always personalize your Bathroom by installing an additional walk-in shower with frameless glass enclosure, storage selections and various accessories.

A vital piece of the Bathroom is the vanity. A variety of options are available: vanity with single sink and mirror, vanity with double sink and mirror running the length of the vanity, or using 2 separate vanities with a mirror each. Each has its own charm and visual appeal. One can also piece together a Bathroom vanity with cabinetry topped with a material of one’s choice and a sink. When looking at Bathroom vanities, storage will likely be a key part of the decision. Additional storage can be installed higher up on the wall making space for foot circulation. Also, special features like water-saving toilets and rain showers can be mounted in the Bathroom at an additional cost.

Accessories are important to enhance a particular style. You can accessorize your Bathroom with towels, floor mats and vases, splurging on colors and patterns you like. Just remember to maintain a balance and harmony.


Lighting serves a functional purpose along with creating a soothing and ambient environment that helps to calm and relax during a shower. Bathroom lighting is particularly important as there is rarely enough natural light to suitably illuminate the whole space. There are abundant lighting options available for a Bathroom including task lighting, vanity lighting, shower lighting, as well as decorative options such as bathroom chandeliers, pendants and even specialized mood lighting. You can customize your space by taking into account your Bathroom design and style. Remember, a Bathroom is a space to unwind and relax so personalize with the colors and accessories that help you achieve that.