A Bedroom is a place where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to relax and sleep. Its décor should create a calm and serene atmosphere, with soft and soothing colors. Picking a color and varying its hues helps to provide tranquility to the room. Colors like blue, purple, grey and neutrals promote restful serenity and slumber. But a single-color scheme doesn’t have to be boring. You can use an accent wall behind the headboard to give a pop of color. Other ways to spice things up a bit is by the use of patterns, bold light fixtures, metallic accents and accessories.


The centerpiece of a Bedroom is the bed. Picking the right bed and mattress is paramount to a good night’s sleep. One should always try a few mattresses before picking the one. The thing that finally completes the décor, is the bedding. Choosing bedding design is solely dependent on personal preference and is an easy to replace design feature. So, you can let your creative juices flow!

Baring space constraints, bedroom furniture like dresser, end tables and chest of drawers are an essential addition. This allows for comfortable storage options. For larger Bedrooms, a comfy lounge chair, sofa, upholstered benches and ottoman are all welcome additions.


Bedroom lighting should create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere using soft ambient light. Bedroom should have lighting switches easily accessible from the bed so that you can reach them without making an effort to get out of the bed. Also, having dimmer switches gives an added flexibility so that you can adjust the lights based on your mood and activity. You can layer your overhead lighting with sconce lighting, side lamps for reading and accent lighting on wall for your artwork or photographs. Your bedroom is your dedicated space for rest and slumber, make it welcoming and cozy.