DIY vs. Professional Management

Property owners feel reluctant to pay for a professional property manager, thinking it would save money to handle their property needs on their own. Before you jump in feet first and hope for the best, it’s important to understand all of the responsibilities that come with managing a rental unit. This will allow you to make an informed decision about what will work best for your unique situation.

1. Finding the Right Tenants – The right tenants make a huge difference when it comes to renting the property. With bad renters in place, you could find yourself dealing with a long list of nightmares: unpaid rent, property damage, and much more! To keep this from happening, you will need to screen the rental applications thoroughly.

2. Handling Maintenance Problems – Landlords who want to take care of maintenance issues on their own need to be skilled else they will have to negotiate with local contractors to provide the service for them. You will also have to consider that maintenance issues not only arise during business hours, they can come up anytime of the day and over the weekends.

3. Arranging Your Financial Affairs – Turning a profit is always the goal for landlords, but a lot of effort goes into keeping your financial affairs in top shape. From sending out rent bills to processing incoming payments each month, you’ll need to pay close attention to the monetary matters of your portfolio. You will also need to careful manage security deposits, document expenses for tax purposes, and follow up with tenants who are behind on their rent.

Don’t let your finances spiral out of control, or you could be facing a massive headache. If you feel comfortable marketing the property, screening tenants, answering maintenance calls and handling all of the finances, then Do It Yourself (DIY) management is the right fit else if there is a doubt then you would need to consider professional management for the property as property management demands a certain level of commitment of time and effort to spare.