The industrial sector is intended to provide practical and efficient space to users that prioritize function over design.

Industrial buildings can be utilized for manufacturing, R&D and warehouse purposes. The buildings can be used for manufacturing, research, storage and distribution of goods.

a) Manufacturing Unit: A facility used for the assembly of raw materials into products and can be employed for a heavy or light industrial use.

b) Warehouse: A facility mainly used for the storage and/or distribution of materials, goods and merchandise, with high ceiling that allow for more cubic storage space.

c) Flex/R&D: These industrial buildings are designed to give its occupants flexibility in use of the space. Sometimes referred to as flex/tech space, these buildings are an office-industrial hybrid.

Since, Industrial buildings require a lot of acreage for wide building footprints, low-density parking, and truck turning and thus are almost never found in the Central Business District (CBD).