Living Room

The Living Room is the heart of Home; it’s a place that makes your family feel comfortable and guests, Welcome. Living room has to be beautiful, and yet functional and low maintenance for day-to-day living. It should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and can be an ever-changing backdrop for your life.


For choosing living room furniture, one must consider the space, usage and style of the room. If the space is limited, a built-in shelving unit or an entertainment center with storage would be crucial to maximize space utilization. In case the room is frequently used for watching television and entertaining, comfortable seating options like overstuffed couches and sectionals must be incorporated in the design. If the living room functions as a playroom for kids, one must avoid light linen furnishings. There are a variety of end table, ottoman and coffee table options available to suit every design and style. But one must always be careful not to cram a lot of furniture in a small space.


A Living Room should feel light, cozy and comfortable. Lighting is key to creating the correct atmosphere for your living room. There are a variety of options to choose from: pendant lights or chandeliers, floor lamps, side lamps and accent lights for artwork or décor. You should position the lighting in accordance to your need for highlighting specific areas and capturing the mood of the space; a low-lit seating area and well-lit spot for reading. The space lighting is also affected by the paint color being chosen; a room with little natural lighting will benefit from a light and airy color, while one with plenty of sunlight may take advantage of darker accent walls. Good lighting is crucial for a great living room space and an important feature to consider when decorating a living room.


Thinking of giving your Living Room a fresh feel? Start with the walls. A coat of paint instantly injects a new life into the room…think about color, texture, pattern and accents. If you like keeping the furnishings neutral, try bold colors and patterns on the walls, curtains, rugs and accessories. But if you have a bold statement piece sofa or sectional, scale back on the wall décor with neutral colors and maybe a focal fireplace so that it creates a coherent scheme and doesn’t fight for attention. Creating a focal point in the living room, with a fireplace or a television, is a starting point to assessing space and selecting furniture and décor. One can also build the character of a living room by adding architectural details like wainscoting, exposed beams and ornate fireplace. A living room is a reflection of your personality and it keeps on evolving with you.